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The Best Burgers in Town

It’s all about freshness and quality at Sin City Burgers. That’s why our grilled-to-order meals get your taste buds sizzling with every succulent bite. Crammed with top-grade ingredients (like Angus beef and our Signature Sauce), Sin City sandwiches are more than a treat – they’re a banquet on a bun!

Why Angus Beef?

Packed with juicy flavor, Sin City Burgers are crafted from US certified Angus beef. With just the right amount of fat dispersed evenly but thinly throughout the muscle, fast-maturing Angus cattle are renowned for their finely marbled meat. With an 70/30 fat ratio, this generous marbling keeps patties juicy as they brown, resulting in a tender burger that melts in your mouth.

There’s even more good news! Not only is Angus beef delicious, it’s actually good for you! With some 25g of protein in every quarter-pounder, it’s also a great source of iron and zinc, with a good dose of vitamin B12 and niacin as well. Delicious and nutritious – that’s why a Sin City Burger is a win-win meal choice!

The Perfect Patty
Tired of disappointingly dry, dense patties? Try a Sin City Burger, crafted with love by our experts who know all the ins and outs of cooking meat perfectly, every time. Here are some of their top tips:
• Succulent burgers need a light hand, with seasonings mixed in gently with a couple of forks;
• Shape the patties without overworking the meat and squeezing out all those delicious juices;
• Sprinkle salt and pepper on the outside of each patty just before popping it in the grill, so it stays moist;
• Dab a dimple in the middle of each patty for even browning, as beef plumps up while it cooks.

It might sound simple – but plenty of care and attention are devoted to preparing every Sin City Burger order, making sure each dish is perfect before it leaves our kitchen.

Sin City Burger Signature “SIN Sauce”

Every Sin City Burger is topped with our special SIN sauce: a waft of smoky and a smidgen of sweet, plus a hint of heat. Unforgettably delicious, it turns a great burger into a flavor fest, every time. But there’s no way we’re going to tell you our SIN sauce recipe – that’s a secret!
Special Orders

Beyond The Point

Respect for all the dietary preferences is the rule at Sin City Burgers. That’s why we offer three delicious veggie burger options that contain only ‘meat from plants’. Delicately seasoned and grilled for maximum juiciness, TEMPTATION, ENVY and SIN burgers can be crafted from “Beyond Meat” from plant protein instead of Angus beef, complete with Cheddar cheese, caramelized onions, and pickle relish, topped with our special SIN sauce.

Most importantly our Brioche Buns are baked fresh every day “Only the finest ingredients are blended carefully in the hands of skilled craftsmen to ensure impeccable products of genuine artisan form.” providing the highest quality in our burgers. That’s the Hudson Bread promise.

There’s good news for Gluten-sensitive burger fans as well: all meals can be served on Gluten-Free Buns, baked fresh every day by the Katz Gluten Free

Midday to Midnight – and Beyond

Open seven days a week, Sin City Burger serves freshly prepared burgers piled high with locally sourced ingredients, from midday through to 1 a.m. Whether you want a nourishing lunch, a mid-afternoon snack, a delicious dinner, or a late-night nibble, the Sin City Burger menu has something for everyone. Sides like regular or sweet potato fries and pork or turkey bacon make beef, chicken, and plant protein sandwiches even more tempting.

So don’t worry about the time – at Sin City Burger, we’re always happy to craft farm-fresh ingredients into the best burgers in town, for you and your buddies.

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